Case Studies

Case Study 1 Business English Assessment and Training for a Global Manufacturer

Recently a representative traditional Romanian company was acquired by a global corporation. At that point in time, managers and productive staff in close contact with their overseas peers suffered from a lack of confidence in speaking English and lack of English business know-how. Our input was that we developed a course curriculum to suit levels and needs, test-placed groups and one-to-ones using benchmarking kits. Courses delivered included General English, Business English, English for Finance, English for Meetings & Presentations and individual language and culture coaching. Results and feedback were positive, as teams are confident now in using English language in reporting and contact keeping. Supervisory staff are proficient in Business English.

Case Study 2 Team Dynamics for Support Centre

We were called to help a service support team explore new ways of working together, assess their strengths and weaknesses as a team, as well as leadership style and propriety. our approach started with assessing the team current stage, in line with objectives and goals, and it was important to get to feel the team climate through a series of micro-interviews. After data collection and processing we designed a a workshop with indoor and outdoor team activities, to assess, pinpoint and strengthen team – conducive behaviors. The program was as effective as it was enjoyed by participants and deemed worthwhile by management.

Case Study 3 Building Lean Culture and Visual Factory Concept in a Textile Manufacturing Environment

Our role consisted of training relevant staff on Lean methods, along with advice on how to instill lean culture to their teams. We also made benefits of implementing Lean evident, starting from basic concepts as 5S, Visual Control to Value Stream Mapping, SWIP, PDCA and Kaizen. Culture and mindset change are instrumental to our approach in this project.

After the project monitoring stage, we were called to assist in implementation and sustainability of the Lean system already successfully in place in that factory.